Most people are aware that there is a vast amount of information on many individuals available to the general public. For example the following are all types of information, which in most cases can be easily obtained.

• People’s Phone Numbers
• Marital Records
• Criminal Records
• Cell Phone Trace
• Arrest Records
• Absconder Records
• Bankruptcy Records
• Sentencing Files
• People Census Records
• Most Wanted Criminals
• People’s Location information
• Mugshots
• Missing Children & Adults
• Inmate Records
• Civil Records
• Parolees
• Sex Offender Records
• Death Records
• People’s Addresses
• Jail Records
• Court Records

But most people also do not know exactly how to go about accessing that information. The thought of going to the local town hall or calling or corresponding with a distant jurisdiction in another state is enough to discourage 90% + of the people who have an interest in gaining specific public records information.

Knowing which department of which government bureaucracy to contact, dealing with rude indifferent government employees (not all fall into this category – but many do), finding the time to physically travel to the correct office/building in the correct county/state are all reasons most of us don’t even bother.

Well now in the age of the Internet and electronic record keeping, the process of obtaining public information has never been easier. There is now a service that offers the information seeker access to much of this data, right from the comfort of their own computer.

By accessing 100% legal and meticulously organized information databases, you can now research and gather enormous amounts of public information about practically any person/s you choose.

From criminal records, court records, divorce records, birth certificates to cell phone traces to dozens of other searches. The reasons one wants this information can be just as varied – researching your family tree, looking up a lost love, verifying a new boyfriend/girlfriend is actually being truthful about themselves, etc etc etc. The reasons can be numerous. And there can be legitimate reasons you would wish to remain anonymous in making these searches.

And now you can access this information from the privacy of your own home.